Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Thank you for visiting this blog. If you are reading this, it is a result of your curiousity or my invitation - either way, I invite you to explore the postings, post and comment, or write to me at if you have any questions.

In developing and living with this work, I have been influenced by/interacted with/studied or reacted to:

Randy Lee Cutler -
Margaret Dragu -
check out La Dragu if you can get your hands on it (YYZ press, Paul Couillard,ed.)
Todd Janes -
Christine Stoddard
Susan Stewart
Derrida - on blindness
Antonin Artaud - the theatre of pain
Marina Abramavic -
Linda Montano
Carolee Schneemann
Peg Campbell
Naufus Figueroa
April Davis
Jonathan Tyrrell
Harry Killas - in spite of himself
Rodney Konapeki


The Spiritual In Art:Abstract Painting, 1890-1985
By Maurice Tuchman et al, 1995

The Amenable Object,
Jeanne Randolph

Never Enough is Something Else
Kristine Stiles

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