Wednesday, July 18, 2007

November 19, 2003 LIVE

This was a special edition - also included in the program of LIVE Biennial of Performance Art - the third of Vancouver's loosely defined festival.

Heightened sensation due to the sheer number of people, or due to the stakes? Hard to konw, now, but it looks as though Christine had her doubts.

Ron Tran (former classmate), David Young (LIVE festival director) and Denise Sheppard (music critic and activist), amongst others, look on.

The fabulous Heather Kennedy. I am still in shock that she attended, and loved having her there. Never underestimate people's capacity to appreciate and understand performance art.

Maya Suess greets and comforts.

Randy Lee Cutler, Erica Stocking and Ron Tran ruminate afterwards. Randy played an excellent devil's advocate to this work - she pointed me to Artaud, Marina Abramovic and Phaidon's collection on art and spirituality - crucial to understanding my relationship to this peice.

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